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breathing to regulate overwhelming feelings

Breathing to Regulate Overwhelming Emotions

If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions from a recent or past event, or due to panic or anxiety, here are three simple breathing exercises that can really help. Diaphragmatic breathing: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, focussing only on the rise and fall of the belly. You may want to actually place your hand on […]

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self healing and self care books

Self Care Books for Recommended Reading

Sometimes I think I must be a bibliophile therapist. You would find my office and home very crowded with books. I always say that knowledge is power. While a person is reading, certain themes pop off of the pages that ring true. When this happens, there is a teachable moment, and new ideas and ways of understanding and change occur […]

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natural remedies depression anxiety

Natural Remedies for Depression & Anxiety

Many of my clients state that they would much prefer to avoid the use of medications in dealing with these conditions. There are good reasons not to use medication if possible, given the plethora of side effects and the unstudied possibilities of long-term effects. Generally, if an individual is experiencing severe, such as suicidal thoughts, extensive sleeplessness or inability to […]

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healthful products self help blog gail weissert

Healthful Products

I feel that my website would not be complete without a discussion of some products that are good for your body. All of the hypnotic effects of advertising proffer the belief system that various personal care products that we buy are wonderful for us. But if you really dig deeply, you will find that many of the simple things we […]

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harnessing the power of thought

Power of Thought

In all things, consider the power of the mind.   The vastness of thought becomes the gateway to the power of creating change in one’s life and in turn, in bettering our world.  I read somewhere that the movie star, Halle Berry, was inspired by her mother, a psychiatric nurse.  At various points in her life and career, her mom would […]

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