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Self Care Books for Recommended Reading

Sometimes I think I must be a bibliophile therapist. You would find my office and home very crowded with books. I always say that knowledge is power. While a person is reading, certain themes pop off of the pages that ring true. When this happens, there is a teachable moment, and new ideas and ways of understanding and change occur […]

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Lose Weight With Hypnosis

I have decided to try to help more people with weight loss issues.  This is not a new subject to me; I have been using some of these strategies, un-advertised, for nearly twenty years. We have all heard the statistics about Americans and obesity;   about 60% of Americans are now considered to be obese by specific operationalized guidelines about what  constitutes […]

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On Health, Never Say ‘Diet’

I have noticed that being overweight often correlates with depression.  So, a common strategy that many people choose is to  go to the family doctor, who uncovers a probable depressive disorder.  And the main  thing that a doctor is trained to do is to prescribe a medicine such as an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety agent.  Of course, people often request […]

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Substitutes for Unhealthy Food

It seems that part of the reason why it is difficult to take on such a big task as the lifestyle change required to lose weight is that people adopt a belief system that a certain food makes the person happy, calms a craving or satisfies a need.  Some people tell me that they crave sweets, or that they will […]

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Weight Loss and Behavior Modifications

Well, I think it only makes sense to realize that you have to do something different to get different results, pretty much in anything that one does. My first teacher of hypnosis used to say, “Hypnosis will not quit your smoking, but it will make your decision to quit so much easier!”  Conscious and subconscious awareness work together. You can […]

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