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Healing Workshops for Groups and Organisations

If you would like to have a seminar or workshop for your place of employment in Maryland or a group or organization of your affiliation, consider these or other requested alternatives.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I have been designing and implementing workshops for segments of employee groups for over twenty years. Much of my early training in this area came through Otto Kroeger Associates, located in Fairfax, VA. He has done much work from an organizational development perspective with government agencies, military, Congress, the White House, and large corporations.

I am usually asked by a work group to do a half or a full day seminar, and some of the participants have taken it before, years ago, and others have not even heard of it. This group work provides a wonderful forum for all participants to watch the material come alive. Many new insights are gained. It is not uncommon for people to have an “aha” experience about themselves or in consideration of their relationships. Many have reported substantially better collaboration and improved work environment. I usually first interview the group sponsor, who is usually in some sort of administrative position. We discuss the particular issues facing the organization, and the exercises for the day are designed to educate participants about the basics of personality type and temperament, then a few exercises address some of the key issues facing the participant group.

Learning Self Hypnosis

The benefits of self hypnosis and meditative exercises is well documented on this website and in thousands of writings. This workshop gives general and historic information about hypnosis and how and why it works. Participants are given a group exercise, and are also taught how to design self hypnosis sessions for themselves, to address some basic issues, such as habit control or stress management.

Healing Relationships

This topic is really my passion. So much pain comes to people and between people as a result of dysfunctional relationships, either with a parent, (current or old drama), or with a significant other, or even with a sibling, a boss or a child. This workshop differs from all others of its nature. It includes basic information and understandings about how relationships can go wrong. But it takes things a long step forward: it uses the mind to heal relationships from within. If we can understand things at a different level, develop new ways to manage conflict, we are learning some new and important skills. But more importantly, in my belief, we must strive to change our minds and our interactions; the most profound way to do this is to create change in our inner visions about relationships. What we can change at that level creates change on the physical level. This workshop is highly experiential and also didactic. No other person has pulled together this material in this way! We will use visualization techniques and techniques garnered from the field of energy psychology. This workshop could really change your life for the better!

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