Gail Weissert has been helping people for over twenty years to understand growth and change. Read more about what they have to say.

You are one of the best therapists I have seen for the past 22 years. The rest are just a haze.After finishing individual therapy

You  were the first one to really be on our side, and you offered helpful information…Upon ending family therapy

Caring, compassionate, empathetic….having an un-biased sounding board is the best support…Individual Therapy

After I stopped coming, I had a very difficult spell at work. I was able to stand my ground with my supervisor and keep my rights. I could never have done that without having had sessions with you last summer.In an email after treatment ended

You were right about it, I stopped craving sugar after that one session…I have lost eighty pounds so far…One year after hypnosis for weight loss sessions

Whew, what a trip, a very good trip…I have never felt so good, so relaxed, so at peace….I am very peaceful now…It all goes back to the trust…After a hypnosis session treating complex trauma in a male

I am starting to realize the value of having added a therapist to my life over the past thirty days.  I not only have a safe place where I can talk about things; I now realize your bring not only your education and researched knowledge, you also bring the experience of having worked with others in similar situations.Individual Therapy

I am so thankful for coming here during these difficult times.  Just talking to you has made me realize that I actually already doing everything I can possibly do in this situation.Couples Therapy

Thanks so much, we really made a lot of headway in that last session; really appreciate that: think I feel ready to go it on my own for a while;  I may need this again in the future.Hypnotherapy

That last session changed everything for me, I know what I need to do now….

 After a hypnosis session

I feel like I can really talk to you…

 Someone on your side

I just know I feel  better every time I leave here…Individual Therapy

I have never been so relaxed in my entire life!After introductory session to progressive relaxation

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